A Tour of Zion Lutheran Church

Our front door, with its beautiful stained glass, welcomes you upon your entry.  


Front entrance looking inside the churchThis is the view of the Narthex as you walk in the front door.  The high ceiling, exposed beams and light are both pleasing and welcoming. You can see the stairway, in the back, that leads to the upper floor and suspended walkway. This leads to the balcony in the Sanctuary where the pipe organ is housed. The offices can be seen towards the back on the left.

This wasn't always the entrance to the church.  This section was completed in 2001 after the contruction project that began in 1999.


Zion Lutheran Church's Lakeview RoomAs you pass the offices, and head down the hall to the left, you will find the Lakeview Room. Its wall of windows overlook the farmers field and Standing Bear Lake in the distance. This is a wonderful place for fellowship, coffee and dougnuts, after the morning service. Below the Lakeview Room are the new classrooms and kitchen.


Zion Lutheran Church's Alter and SanctuaryTurning 180 degrees, and exiting the Lakeview Room, you head back down the hallway and pass once again through the Narthex and head into the Sanctuary itself.


Zion Lutheran Church's balcony with pipe organ Here is a view of the balcony with the pipe organ. You can see through the doors down the hall towards the Lakeview Room from here as well.



Hallway view with classrooms Arriving downstairs, and turning left, you will look down the hall towards the classrooms in part of the new addition. This is directly under the Lakeview Room.


View of hallway with more classrooms Turning to the right you will see another part of the new addition. This takes you outside of the elevator. There are more classrooms in this area. Before the downstairs remodeling this used to be one large common room.


Fellowship hall and kitchen Turning to the right once again, and down the hallway, you enter into the Fellowship dinning hall and kitchen area. This is in the original part of the church directly below the Sanctuary. Outside these doors you can find the lower parking lot, picnic benches and playground.


We hope you have enjoyed our tour and please check back as we add new pictures as other areas are finished in the new addition.


Various other rooms inside Zion Lutheran Church.  (Click images for larger view.)

Updated photos courtesy of Richard Thies (Oct 2016)