The Church Year and The Liturgy
by Dr. Jon Eifert
Our liturgy saturates our worship with Scripture. It also provides a framework though which God dispenses His gifts and we respond to His great love. Yet there is another reason to celebrate the liturgy regularly. The order of Divine Service is itself a mini-church year—a “microcosm,” if you will. Open your hymnal and follow along as we examine the various seasons of the church year and find them reflected in the Divine Service. For our purposes, we will use Divine Service III, beginning on p. 184 of Lutheran Service Book, but any of the five LSB settings will work.
At Advent
This first season of the year is a time of preparation as we anxiously await the arrival of the Savior. As more of the advent wreath candles are lit week by week, the anticipation grows. Likewise, in the confession and absolution (pp.184-185) we prepare ourselves to meet the Savior who is about to enter into our midst by means of Word and Sacrament.