The Official Video Collection of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
  1. Guilt and Forgiveness and the Effect on Health

    Rev. Dr. Mark Rockenbach, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, explores how guilt and forgiveness affect a person’s health. The parish nurse will better understand how to encourage individuals to forgive others and to appreciate the forgiveness they have received. Both forgiving and being forgiven have a positive influence on health and wellness.
  2. Life Together with President Harrison – April 2016

    President Harrison discusses religious freedom, neighborhood outreach, gay marriage and abortion in this month's video. We will speak the truth and we will do it in love and President Harrison has encouraging words for the church in a time when we have many questions about our future.
  3. Gospel Seeds

    How do we revitalize our churches? How do we get out of our buildings and in to our communities? How do our churches become more than a building that happens to be geographically located in the neighborhood but isn't "in" the neighborhood?
  4. Addressing Mental Illness in the Church

    Pat Doyle offers insightful and practical information to churches, law enforcement and other community-based groups that wish to provide a caring, healthful and helpful approach to persons with mental illness.
  5. Miracles in the Middle of Nowhere

    This is the story of Mission Central, a special place with special people in the hills of western Iowa. It is the story of God’s very own “not normal” people doing “not normal” things to personally share Jesus with others through LCMS missionaries and mission projects around the world.