A Message From Pastor Hale

The world continues to chase freedoms, which are in reality sin and darkness. Now that we have freedom from marriage, our God-given sex (male or female), and even babies, people want the freedom not to live. "Euthanasia" is a fancy word for suicide, the murder of oneself, meaning "good death." The world's idea of right and wrong is not based on God's Word, but popular opinion. Today the only real sin is to not let someone have what they want, even the right-to-die.

"Belgium became the first country to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children of any age [in 2014] when its lower house of parliament passed new 'right-to-die' legislation by a large majority." No child in a "free" country has the right the live (abortion does not allow that), but they have the right to die. This is a satanic evil that must be resisted with God's Word. Life is not ours to choose—it is always God's domain. He alone creates life, though He uses male and female.

A death is never good in itself. It is a product of sin, because we are mortal. We are subject to death due to Adam's first sin. We are all conceived in sin and separated from God. Yes, this world is a vale of tears. It will bring you heartache and persecution, especially if you are faithful to Christ.

But God has not forgotten you. He sent Jesus to bear all your weakness and sins. In Him you are holy, blessed, and loved. He opens heaven wide to His children, even His old ones. We embrace our cross, because we are saved through it. He loves us and has put away our trespasses, so you are as close to Him as His only-begotten Son. He will watch over you and guide you to heaven, as you live by His promise, not by how things look to you.

Jesus died to free you from death and give you eternal life. We don't seek death, but we are not afraid of it either. It is like a snake-bite from a serpent without venom. The eternal punishment is gone in Christ. In Him we are safe. We do not live under the fear of death, for we know the Maker of all life.

Euthanasia gives the appearance of power. We can't choose our birthday or situation or health, but we can end our human life. Yet we should seek a true solution to death, not put our will above God Himself. Suicide is perhaps the worst murder, because it ensures that the Gospel will not be able to work on that person ever again. God wants all to live. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him (John 3:36). The believer in Christ never seeks death itself or sin, because they are what Christ came to destroy. Death is already dead in Christ, so it cannot hurt us.

So we all have something to live for. Those who murder (at any age) sin against God and if they continue in their sin, there is no forgiveness. But even one who has ended the precious life of a baby can find comfort in the Church. One who is sorry and intends not to sin will be forgiven—that is the pastor's primary job. Yes, there must be repentance, but no sin is too great in Christ. He died for them all. So life is in knowing your Heavenly Father, not in avoiding a bit of pain now—it is trusting that in Him death is already defeated by the cross of Christ. You have all of God's never-ending life.

Without the Gospel there is no hope in life, only death and despair. That is where the world is at, since it does not love Christ. While success and money and family and friends seem worth living for in the short-run, they are not what you were made for. Neither will trying your best to be good take your guilt away. Turn from loving death, even if our world loves it above all things. Everything we do is death, because of our sin. Naturally, all sinners love death. We are born hating life, that is God Himself. But the Word will still go out and make Christians, who are alive in their Lord and will never die. Christ is our life, and this Life will never leave us. Amen.