Zion is:

  • A Confessional Church: Our teaching, recorded in the 1580 Book of Concord, does not change with the times or audience, but remains faithful to Scripture alone, which is God’s own Word. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism is the most basic and simple confession of faith that we hold to and utilize, as we have for over 130 years here at Zion.

  • A Scriptural Church: The sole fountain and source of our teaching is God’s written, inspired, and inerrant Word, the Bible.

  • A Doctrinal Church: God’s Word, the condemning Law and the forgiving Gospel, are our main power and focus, not human emotion, excitement, or activity.

  • A Liturgical Church: We use traditional liturgical services and hymns, old and new, from a hymnal, providing an orderly, structured worship service that connects us with past and future generations of Christians.

  • An Educating, Instructing Church: The preaching and teaching of Christ’s forgiving, renewing Word is paramount. We have weekly adult Bible study; catechism classes (5th–8th) and mid-week classes (pre-k–4th) on Wed. during the school year.

  • A Musical Church: Besides striving to have excellence in congregational singing and services, other musical avenues include: instrumentalists to adorn the public services; adult choir; youth and children’s education in music, Lutheran hymnody, and handbells. We aim to teach Christ’s little ones’ the best of what the Church’s musical tradition has to offer.

  • A Family Church: The God-given vocations of husband, wife, father, mother, son and daughter are brought to the forefront as God’s will and the place to exercise Christian love first and foremost. Children are treasured as God’s gift of new life, along with gift of marriage, God’s one flesh union between husband and wife.

  • A Forgiving Church: Every sinner who repents of sin is forgiven in the name of Christ. We do preach the Law, which is God’s Word against sin and disobedience, and also apply church discipline to unrepentant sinners, but only in order to lead to repentance, and ultimately the forgiveness which Christ won on the cross for the world. The Gospel of Christ, which opens up heaven to sinners, is the paramount Word of our Lord and the only message which gives eternal life in this world.