Pastor Hale Bible

A Message from Pastor Hale

We are in the midst of an evil, satanic pandemic – a disease prevalent over much of the world. Political leaders cry out: “America Must Act Now – And Act Big.” We must change our habits and attitudes, because the death is real and staggering. Over 9 million deaths are predicted this year in China alone. Most expect at least 700,000 deaths is the U.S alone from this particular pandemic. It is said 25 million deaths this year could occur worldwide that are not even reported. The tragedy is unthinkable.

The pandemic I speak of is not the Coronavirus though. That is, so far, a very minor problem compared to the millions of deaths purposely caused by the sin of murder called abortion. People are going absolutely bonkers over a few thousand virus-related deaths, but not millions and millions of completely preventable deaths. Nothing has to be done to prevent the biggest pandemic. The decision to not rip a baby from the womb just has to not be actively carried out. Will it be inconvenient? Yes, but we are making great sacrifices for those already living. And this is good, to protect others, especially the elderly. But why not allow our lives to be upset for those who will be born and eventually become the elderly – the very group that the world claims to care so much about right now?

The difference is not due to the morality numbers – but the actual subjects that could possibly die. If death can touch me and the people I have grown close to, that is a crying shame. But an unknown child I have never seen and do not want to care for personally? One that the mother has not chosen and is ill-prepared for? The heart-strings do not tug as much for the unseen and silent. But the holy law of God is not based on feelings or emotions. His righteous will does not change because the world is losing its mind. The value of life is from our Creator and His purposes, not our lives or decisions. And our Lord is letting the world know that we do not have control over our lives. But those who rest in His Word, have nothing to fear in death. Christ is risen! Your sins and fears do not doom you. Hope in life – and Jesus is life – is stronger than all sickness and worry – so repent of your worry and live in your death of baptism, safe with your Lord. He will keep you for eternal life.

We are completely interrupting our lives now to save a percentage of souls. That is good, loving, and godly. The things people loved so much, and likely worshiped, have gone away – sports, travel, movie theaters, and restaurant dining. But children are seen as a greater curse than Covid-19 to many. They will not let God interrupt their job, finances, and sleep with a little baby. Man does not make life, though, our Father appoints parents by His will, not ours. He connected the divine possibility of new life to His holy institution of marriage. Life is never our decision. We do not trust Christ who creates life in the womb. How we value life should apply to all ages. Life does not become more valuable with extra age. It starts out holy, from the very beginning. Our Lord is showing us presently that our lives are not in our hands. We cannot save ourselves. Christ's holy life was taken away on the cross for you, so trust the Father in heaven. Depend on His goodness alone.

We see government recommendations taken as divine law currently. All the public leaders and experts tell us this is a serious crisis. They have to seem like they care about the elderly. But nine U.S. states have approved legislatively of their death in euthanasia or assisted suicide – but only if the individual wants it. The country of Belgium alone reports thousands of deaths of elderly and those sick annually, and we do nothing? But if God allows a virus to run rampant, we are upset?

Do not look for comfort or value from the government – it has enshrined the legal right to death. Fear and self-preservation can only cause people to panic – to do something to save ourselves. Be wise, safe, and sanitary, but don’t think that your actions will make death go way. Do we deserve any better than this terrifying, unseen calamity of Covid-19? No, we do not, as a selfish nation or convenience-clinging world. This is why Christ’s death is most important – it is 100% effective for sinners.

Is the self-chosen murder of abortion more “dignified” than the much lower mortality of the Coronavirus? Does our choice and will to live change the sanctity of human life? How many hypocrites we have right now, who think that society should basically shut down for possible death, but will not even say completely preventable certain death is bad in all circumstances. Woe is us! “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye” (Mt 7:5). Pray that this calamity will wake up sleepy-headed and stubborn, godless hearts. The virus of sin has a 100% mortality rate!

The German Chancellor said recently: “But how many casualties will there be? How many loved ones will we lose? … These are not simply abstract numbers in statistics, but that is a father or grandfather, a mother or grandmother, a partner. And we are a community in which every life and every person counts.” But that is patently not true, though it would be embarrassing to admit it right now. “Germany’s highest court on [Feb. 25. 2020] overturned a ban on organized medically assisted suicide, allowing terminally and gravely ill patients to seek help ending their lives without leaving the country” ( During the midst of the Coronavirus spread, Germany decided to allow more death. Luther’s homeland has averaged 100,000 medically-caused deaths of the unborn for several years. Every life does not matter, according to their actions. Can anyone say our world does not deserve a plague?

People are losing their minds over a virus, which is very concerning and should be taken seriously, but the world applauds when we bring death upon ourselves willingly: “Close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds” ( Who will condemn this consciously planned man-made pandemic? This is easily preventable, but we can’t stand being at the mercy of an unseen virus. Who will suffer to say that all life is valuable and to be rejoiced in because of Christ’s mercy?

In comparison, the Coronavirus is small potatoes compared to the pandemic of death in abortion, euthanasia, and suicide. Act quick and with decisiveness for a virus, sure, but do not neglect the completely preventable pandemic. One we cannot control, but the other is a real crime of wickedness against God, our Creator. Sanitize and social distance, yes, but turn from thinking children are a burden and an evil because they destroy our plans and interrupt our social lives. They are a blessing from Christ Himself. Yes, babies turn upside down life and schedules, but all life is interpreted ultimately, and deservedly so by our sin. Death must come – and it is not our choice. We are not the gods of our lives – choosing how we leave this world. God sends gentle reminders that the end of the world is coming. You cannot stop it, even if you self-quarantine till your last breath.

People can react, blame, and yell about a virus, but we tolerate, promote, and allow a much greater threat. Do not grab all the toilet paper you can – but do see life as divine and meaningful. You cannot stop a virus, but you can love the life the heavenly Father gives to mothers and fathers. If one vulnerable life matters, then all life matters – not just the ones who can talk. So leaders who say things like this are correct, but unintentionally: “Nobody knew there would be a pandemic or epidemic of this proportion. Nobody has ever seen anything like this.” At the time of this writing, we are just crossing the threshold of 10,000 reported deaths world-wide from the Coronavirus, while the murder of the unborn is patiently tolerated, and even celebrated by many: According to the WHO, “every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.”

We are not in control of our lives. Nor should we be – sin is our fault. Death cannot be avoided, try as we might. Of this we are reminded again by a novel disease. We are surrounded by it – upsetting selfish, self-constructed lives of sin and pleasure. But only the hopeless embrace and choose death, calling it hope for women and the basis for equality. Do not choose choice as your god. It will end in destruction. Only Jesus delivers from death. Trust in the power of His resurrection for you.

The virus being transmitted now does not take orders. You cannot choose to live for decades more or be immune. Trust in the Father who sent His Son to die willingly for the whole world of sinners. His life was given for ours – for the elderly person who no one visits, and also the baby unseen and unrespected in the womb. Christ’s life and forgiveness is for all. Despite the inconveniences and interruptions to our lives, it is a miracle that our Lord blesses us with new life and that He lets anyone live on earth. Rejoice that you already have eternal life – do not fear earthly death more than God’s justice.

We deserve no worse than a 100% fatal pandemic, as when the water in the flood drown the whole world, save for eight souls. Thankfully, we have a God of mercy who baptizes into His forgiveness and Spirit. Rejoice that there is any life. Though weak and vulnerable, it is always precious – as you are to the Father. Christ’s life for you is assured, so rest from your sins and dead works.

Even earthly sickness and death cannot ravage hope in Jesus who receives sinners, giving them life forever. This makes earthly life a sacred thing, despite the vicissitudes and dangers we must face every day. Inconvenience and the thrashing of our schedules and priorities can be managed, we are finding out. We are willing to crash our economy to spare lives, when it is blasted from every source that we are in a pandemic.

Death, when the disease is our choice and pride, is never the solution. Denying God and His Law can never lead to real life. Avoiding human contact and trying to hold off earthly death a bit longer is not true living, though it can be done temporarily in true love for others. The bigger pandemic of self-preservation and convenience is a self-chosen death of a different sort, no matter how much sinners glorify their evil decisions.

Mourn death and sorrow for lost life and the raging spread of deadly disease, but mourn even more for the certain death that man perpetrates on the most helpless and neglected lives, in the most selfish and malicious way. Rejoice in the life our Lord gives to you and to others. Life is better than death. If one pandemic requires action and the rearranging of our lives, the other does also. Amen.