Pastor Hale Bible

A Message from Pastor Hale

We have every reason to be thankful that the Lord has preserved us, so far, in body, but also in unity. This pandemic has been a trying time of heightened emotions and stress. The world has fought over small things and made mountains out of molehills – dividing and fighting over the silliest of items. The world has seemingly forgotten how to act civil to one another. But that has not been the case at Zion.

This steadfastness is a statement to the character of Zion. Even when not all came to services, you supported Zion by honoring the Word in your heart, by your faithfulness and charity, and your generosity in giving to support the proclamation of the Gospel here. That speaks well of what Zion stands for – this pandemic did not rattle you. Zion, the people, have been tested, and also approved during this great test of suffering.

We are also thankful for the ability to hold public worship of the true God. It is not something to take for granted we have learned, hopefully, anew. While we do not minimize the health risks in this cursed world, Christ’s victory over death does not leave us quaking in fear.

We do not know if there will ever be a “normal” as we once took for granted. So, we cannot relax and pretend Satan will not try to divide us and cause us to bicker over non-essential things. But we have adjusted the best we can to difficult circumstances. We trust Christ to sustain us no matter what happens. Thanks be to God for what we have endured.

Church, the Word itself, is important. It prepares us for all trials – even death. We have the call to give out eternal life – and that is the real antidote to fear, anxiety, guilt, and division. Zion was prepared by the Word of God – and has stepped up in a big way. It has been a real encouragement to hear and observe how the Word has preserved your hearts and sustained your hope during this trying time. It has revealed what is truly the one thing needful. And, above all, we give thanks that we were able to work together, not dividing over external things, for the sake of Christ. The Word of God is to continue to be our focus, since it alone keeps us together in Christ, united in our heavenly goal.


In Christ,

Pastor Hale