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A Message from Pastor Hale

The recent Texas law that puts severe limits on abortions in the state might seem a cause for celebration. However, the outcry against it suggests the alternative reaction. The critics have been blunt. They have called it “horrific,” “disgusting,” and “reproductive terrorism.”
The supposed “right” of abortion has become quite ingrained in this country – and it is considered more American than apple pie and the flag, by some. Liberals have cried out “I fear for my country,” as if the murder of babies was the foundation of the United States. This particular Texas law has been called “the destruction of Democracy,” as if the founding fathers were fighting for the singular privilege of ripping babies from the womb in the most unwelcoming fashion. How did the U.S. survive before Roe v. Wade, it might be asked? Whereas now, a Christian can hopefully see how poorly we have done as a whole since Jan. 22, 1973.
This harsh media reaction shows that abortion is not just a political issue. It is much more than that. It is perhaps more of a religious conviction to liberals than conservatives, who are becoming less orthodox by the year. The first arguments for abortion peddled rare exceptions and stories of sad pregnant women that pulled at the heartstrings. Now, to curtail abortions significantly is “a stain on human decency,” as one has recently described this Texas partial ban. Decency has nothing do to with the child anymore – this ban is portrayed as instant death and destruction to all women. The Washington Post ran an article entitled: “Who is going to Save Texas' Women and Girls?” Abortion has become a central tenet of modern America – a matter of secular salvation.
Pagans have tasted the freedom of a sexualized feminism and unrestrained indulgence without the necessity of children and are addicted. They cannot imagine a life without abortion – it is inconceivable. Some companies are even publicizing assistance for employees to leave the abortion wasteland north of Mexico. To do without the possibility of doctor assisted murder is simply not living – it is the worst case, for the unbeliever.
But why abortion? This inalienable “right” – presumably written into the first paragraph of the current constitution – is necessary to uphold the fiction that women are men and men are women. The most visible and life-altering aspect of femininity is motherhood – a most dangerous thing to say today. Of course, a lack of babies does not make a woman into a male, anymore than a man in high heels and a dress can be a woman. But it allows the lie to perpetuate just enough to sustain the illusion and false religion that male and female biology have no real bearing on how we should live. It allows for a sexual free-for-all, and makes homosexual unions (which are inherently childless) very similar to heterosexual ones. There is no major difference in roles or outcomes – that is, until a real, crying baby shatters the dogma that women are just men who look a little different. 
Of course, not all women hate babies and not all men are opposed to future adults. But the few sob-story cases must speak for all women – even though it has become hard for the modern to define a woman, with all the transgender confusion. Their role is not fixed by children or marriage anymore, it has been decreed. Abortion upholds this gender-bending theory. It allows the right to unlimited sexual immorality to be assumed. Pleasure is easy and taken for granted, while children are painted as impossible burdens to be chosen most carefully – reversing God’s Word. Children have been separated from marriage and the holy one flesh union with which God blesses male and female. The problems of the soul of this nation go much deeper than laws.
Man’s talk is worthless. We have built a tower of Babel and said to little girls and boys: “you can do anything you want.” But a helpless baby is restricting in many ways, especially when carrying one lovingly to birth and raising him up with care. So sinful human plans and selfish aims get in the way of God’s design. And it is God these people are ultimately opposing – not politicians or judges or Christians. No law requires sexual relations or pregnancies, this is simply God’s design for male and female in marriage – His hidden working. It is this biological reality, a fact of God’s good creation, that people hate – not the money or time or suffering a child demands. The original excuses for limited abortion are now shown to be just evasions – all along. It was never an act of compassion to prevent a child. It is selfish to murder every time – no matter how stark the conception of that child is described.
The corrupt and perverse reactions show us that this battle will continue. It cannot be won with laws, but must be an ever escalating political theater – unless the abortionists truly live out their religion of death and produce no offspring. But very few truly enjoy the satanic religious ritual of ending a small infant’s life. It is merely the idea and possibility that gives them a sense of freedom – a god-like power, to be sure, not the actual murder. They want to be able to overcome God’s creative will whenever they please and “choose.” Evidently, this is America today. It has never been about “choice.” It is about power and worshipping one’s own thoughts and imaginations. Which is why laws cannot save this nation or preach a better religion.
But of course, moving women to go against their intrinsic design will not help them. It is hurting them by forcing them to look with suspicion on what they were made to do. But motherhood is not dangerous. Being a faithful wife and bearing children, while hard indeed, is a blessing. It is a godly calling, that if resisted must lead away from the holy God. The power of women is not to act like men, but to bring forth life from God. While Scripture says childbearing “saves,” the world says that children, by default, are destruction and doom. 
Abortion, though, is just the tip of the spear. The root of the problem goes to the lack of honoring marriage and actual men who lead in love and are willing to take care of mother and child. Being a mother does make a woman weak and vulnerable. It is not a position of strength. But that is her calling, if God gives a child. Women are not most feminine when they act like men. They have a unique and holy role – that should be elevated and praised. God did not mess up in creating women, it is we sinners who have failed to love life and live in holiness. The Christian should want more life to come forth to hear the Gospel and receive forgiveness in Baptism. Life is more than our wants and ideas – we must be saved from our sinful desires. This can only be done by submitting to God’s will. 
Texas still allows mothers to end the life of their babies. This particular law cannot be a victory in any real sense. It is a limitation on abortion, but murder is still allowed and will occur. Hard-hearted people of any means will simply travel across the right border to obtain the evil they seek. The soul of the nation is not changed by a legal statute or democratic vote. And we are a nation addicted to death. It appears we cannot do without it. But killing children in the womb is not a love of life or good. Many Christians have bought into the lie abortion upholds – that children are purely personal choices that must fit into our plans, rather than creations of the righteous Lord.
The religion of secularism requires a human offering – the blood of infants. This worldly freedom requires an unholy sacrifice – the lifeless, broken bodies of babies. Abortion is a sacred ceremony to be preserved and available at all costs for the godless. That is why murder is now part of the fabric of this nation – for as long as our God allows it to exist. But no country so wicked and in love with infanticide will last very long. 
Motherhood determines the path of women, as it has throughout history. It limits them to home life more than men. This is good and highlights the blessings women are able to bestow. Freedom in Christ is to submit and love this calling, receiving life as a blessing, even when it thrashes one’s own personal plans. It is God who gives life – a baby is not a choice or natural accident. Christ creates and preserves it Himself.
Don’t let the political war overshadow the battle for the soul of a nation. It is much bigger than what supreme court justices decide. It goes to who people serve and how they live before God. Murder is not good – ever. But children are always good, since they are made by the Father above. Our circumstances, however pitiful, don’t change that truth. Only the holy sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is sufficient to cover the guilt of murder-lovers. There is no other hope that can turn hearts to the living God from the religion of human sacrifice. But will they hear?
Yes, fear for this country. Is she too far gone in rebellion and darkness to see her doom? Murder is not just accepted – it is praised and uplifted as the highest salvation. But worshipping murder is Satan’s religion. Government is no longer seen as an unbiased arbiter and the authoritative protector of all people – it has been co-opted to enforce religious beliefs. Protecting life, by outlawing murder, should not be so radical. That should be the bare minimum of a functional nation.
The salvation of the Christian is not in laws or elected officials. Life is in Christ. His blood alone conveys righteousness to all the world in the Gospel. He frees from the darkness of the religion of baby-murdering and every other wickedness. Just as He condemns taking life for selfish reasons of comfort, He also offers relief from seeking one’s own way. Victory is not in our thoughts or ideas. We must turn from seeing new human life as a natural by-product or optional extra. Life is not ours, and never has been. The gracious God does not give us permission to live as we want, using our bodies however we see fit.
We have a greater freedom than earthly dreams and human success. We live as forgiven, washed by holy blood, no longer to be deluded blood-seekers, but fully satisfied with eternal life from Christ. His goodness is enough for us. Granted in the Word, with His Spirit, this salvation is the only thing we need to live forever. And no baby ever stands in the way of true salvation. Amen. --ed.