Pastor Hale Bible

A Message from Pastor Hale

God reveals himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in masculine words, but He is spirit – not male or female. God is not contained by our categories. The Son of God became man, but He is not male from eternity, though He was the only-begotten Son of the Father from the beginning. Though male and female are used of God’s creatures – they are not all-encompassing terms. But modern feminism wants to pit men and women against each other, removing God – His order – and making this distinction everything. 

To define God oneself is idolatry. The world says girls can be boys, and vice versa. This really means we can be gods and god can be what we want. But saying it does not make it true. Women’s “power” is not to compete with men in strength or authority, or use their sexuality to get what they want selfishly, which leads to immorality. Women’s strength is in being women, as God made them, recognizing and supporting God’s role for men – even though they do not ever fully reach it – not striving for what they are not made to be. Men and women are made to be compatible, in marriage, but sin gets in the way.

Many today imply that God can be anything we want – even ourselves. But in this worship of gender, the Gospel has no room. Before God, faith is genderless. There is no male or female in Christ and His redemption, though must have been given different bodies and roles for living in this world. Forgiveness is not divvied out according to gender. We separate the earthly and God’s Kingdom. But we dare not ignore the body that Christ gave us – certainly that is not His will.

Earthly roles are certainly different for men and women, but this is temporary and these outward duties and responsibilities do not hinder God’s Spirit which renews us through the words of Christ. Faith in Christ for forgiveness is inward – it is not about earthly power, success, or recognition.

To rebel against gender is to go against one’s own body and God’s creative will. This is destructive. God is not limited by our bodies or categories, which are all broken and condemned by sin.

The feminist paganism of our time, which makes everything about gender, creating division and hatred for our good bodies and new life God gives only to females, is not always so in-your-face as in abortion or transgenderism, but it is one of the universal heresies of our time we all must struggle with and repent of.