Pastor Hale Bible

A Message from Pastor Hale

There are many Bible translations and more each day. Not all the books that say "Holy Bible" on them, treat the words the same though. Many modern translations have an agenda, especially in regard to specific language which is considered impolite, offensive, or even hate speech today. So there is a version made to suit each type of sinner. Many translations are decent, though none are inspired translations, which is a fact to keep in mind.

The LCMS had to move away from the NIV in 2011, due to revisions made to the 1981 edition. There is no easy way to tell – the name was not changed. Only the copyright changed, which is somewhat deliberately confusing. God does not change. Yet, language does. Many appreciate the KJV, which is a good translation, but it is not perfect. The real problem with it is not the translating in it, but the way the English has changed. We don't speak as we pray the Lord's Prayer anymore. Many words have changed meaning, so that unless one was raised on it or knows it well, the KJV is difficult to parse and understand.

All of us must work with translations, and we can have confidence in a good translation. God's Word is the power for salvation to all who believe. The Bible is God’s Word. But translations can be done poorly or well. Not all are faithful to the Word as the Spirit gave it. If a Bible translation seeks to accommodate God’s inspired language to the secular sensitivities of sinners, it is not faithful or as useful. This is the attempt to make God’s Word on the same level as man’s word.

If the Bible only seeks to give a perspective adjustment – it is not seen as an authority. We are to be under God’s Word – because He speaks to us in it. To change the text, as we best know it, based on what the reader expects – rather than furthering understandability – is a heinous sin. We are to submit to the Word, not change it to fit with us.