Johann Franck (1653)
Catherine Winkworth
Matt. 13:44-46, John 15:1-4, Ps. 73:25, Phil. 3:8


1 Jesus, priceless treasure, 
source of purest pleasure, 
friend most sure and true: 
long my heart was burning, 
fainting much and yearning, 
thirsting, Lord, for you. 
Yours I am, O spotless Lamb, 
so will I let nothing hide you, 
seek no joy beside you! 

2 Let your arms enfold me: 
those who try to wound me 
cannot reach me here. 
Though the earth be shaking, 
every heart be quaking, 
Jesus calms my fear. 
Fires may flash and thunder crash; 
yea, though sin and hell assail me, 
Jesus will not fail me. 

3 Hence, all worldly treasure! 
Jesus is my pleasure, 
Jesus is my choice. 
Hence, all empty glory! 
What to me your story 
told with tempting voice? 
Pain or loss or shame or cross 
shall not from my Savior move me, 
since he chose to love me. 

4 Banish thoughts of sadness, 
for the Lord of gladness, 
Jesus, enters in; 
though the clouds may gather, 
those who love the Savior 
still have peace within. 
Though I bear much sorrow here, 
still in you lies purest pleasure, 
Jesus, priceless treasure! 

From Journal of Lutheran Theology website

Johann Franck’s hymn is a love song from the bride (church) to her Lord Jesus Christ! This is not as easy to see in English as in the original German which includes this line: God’s Lamb, my Bridegroom. Jesus is the priceless Bridegroom, pleasure, friend, and Lamb who has ransomed us, not with gold or silver, but with his precious blood (1 Peter 1:18–19). Jesus defends his bride against all evils of body and soul, especially that accuser Satan. Christians also can also decry fear and death. The world and its treasures hold no sway over those who, in faith, rely on Christ.  Faithful Christians, members of the bride of Christ (Ephesians 5:22–33), do not fear leaving this evil world, for then they will dwell forever before the face of their Bridegroom, their priceless Treasure, in heaven.